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About The Han Burger

What is a Han Burger?

A Han Burger is the world’s oldest take on a burger. Originating in then-capital Xi’an during the formation of the Silk Road spice trade, the roujiamo (肉夹馍) has been a street food favorite in China for two millennia. The sandwich consists of marinated meat – typically pork - slow cooked in a variety of spices and combined with hot peppers and veggies on a toasted bun.

The Han Burger is a modern re-imagining of this undiscovered treasure. We start by marinating our pork belly and beef brisket for at least 10 hours. Then we slow cook it in our proprietary blend of spices for several more hours, producing extremely tender meat. Added chopped cilantro perfectly complements the complex flavor profile achieved through mouth-numbing spice and savory meat and au jus.

We then toast our made-from-scratch buns and layer them with a secret chili sauce to turn up the heat. You haven’t had a spicy burger until you have had The Han Burger.

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Who Are We?

The Han Burger co-founder John saw the potential for The Han Burger the first time he tried one in Nanjing circa 2014. The issue was how to replicate it. After months of experimenting and thousands of Han Burgers, we have finally perfected it.

We can’t wait to bring The Han Burger to Chicago, but given the current environment opening a new restaurant is a challenge. For that reason, The Han Burger is available first as a virtual concept serving the downtown and near West neighborhoods.


Order The Han Burger on, Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, or Postmates and find us on social @TheHanBurgerChi. We hope you will come along on this adventure with us as we challenge the idea of a burger as we know it.

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GrubHub Reviews


"Never had anything like it! So good! Can tell it's all made from scratch!

- Joe


"This place is fantastic. Absolutely delicious."

- A.C.


"It's a unique flavor that is an awesome change of pace from my typical go to's. The place just opened and I've already ordered from here a few times. Highly recommend adding the egg!

- Sterling

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